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December ki sard ratoon main 02/08/2009

Posted by Samia in Romantic Poetry, Urdu Poetry.
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December ki sard ratoon main
sub apnay apnay bister per
jub meethi neend so rahay hotay hain
lekin main jag rahi hoti hoon
bas yoonhi chat ko taktay rehti hoon
soch ki waadi main utartay hi khiyal us ka ata hai phir yaad bhi woh ate hain
yadoon ke sath hi yeah baat dil main ati hai
kiya wo bhi jagta hoga
kiya mujhay sochta hoga
kiya uski meethi neend bhi
us se rothti hogi
kiya mujh ko dhondta hoga
sard ratoon main…



1. junaid - 02/08/2009


2. جاوید گوندل ۔ بآرسیلونا ، اسپین - 02/10/2009

سردیوں کی یخ اور طویل راتوں کو رات بھر جاگنے کا عذاب صرف سلگتے سینوں والوں کا مقدر ہی کیوں ہوتا ہے؟

3. Shah Faisal - 02/10/2009

Your blog is nice and your selection of poetry is very good too.
I would suggest you to learn writing Urdu on your pc. Its easy and you will learn it in a few days. This is also enable you to eneter the interesting world of Urdu blogs.
Best of luck and keep it up,

4. Samia - 02/10/2009

Thank you so much for your comments yeah i did try to write my blog in urdu And you can see i wrote my first 2 posts in urdu but i find it bit difficult And also i think word press don’t know whats diffidence between urdu and Arabic they mix up both languages …

See What mr.Gondal Post above . i Really find some difficulties to read his comment i didn’t get its urdu or what and first time i really didn’t get what he wrote lol …So i think its ok to write in roman urdu or in english Or In Inpage or maybe I have to know more about urdu blogging … Anyways thanks again for comment Advice


5. فیصل - 02/12/2009

Well of course it needs some time to be able to read and write an altogether different language but its not that hard anyway. If you are used to inPage’s phonetic keyboard, then Crulps’s phonetic keyboard will be very familiar to you. You will need a few additional fonts in your pc as well as your template too. All unicode text in urdu is shown in Tahoma fault by default I guess and that’s why it doesn’t appear that pretty.
If you are interested, you may get in touch with Qadeer at http://www.tuzk.net to have a urdu blog. He will hopefully set up everything for you. Folks at urdutech will help too, in addition to urduweb guys.
Take care

6. Samia - 02/16/2009

Well thank you so much for your kind help and advice … well I’m Quite good with inpage i know ( you can check my inpage & adobe work on http://talabehaya.wordpress.com/ ) . yeah last year i was also on urdutech.net but they block my blog i don’t know why (maybe they have some problem with server or maybe i done something wrong ) then i came here and i lost my all previous data . so now i become bit lazy And upset too . now i just like to write on blog just 1 or 2 times in weak … and now i really don’t wanna waste my much time on blogging .
and yeah i know qadeer bhai too and i know he’s very helpful person but don’t know why i don’t wanna make another urdu blog
Anyways Thanks Again …
Keep in touch
Allah hafiz


7. فیصل - 02/16/2009

OK as you wish, keep up the good work anyway.
I am impressed by your work in inpage, yes its very good of course.
Urdu tech wont have blocked or deleted your blog, they ran into some problems and that took a while, i guess many months before it could be fixed. Few people lost their work too.
I am on wordpress myself and havent bothered to move to urdutech or any other dedicated urdu site due to such glitches. Plus, I am lazy too and only update my blog once in a while.
Anyway wish you best of luck and hope to remain in touch,

8. Samia - 02/20/2009

yeah you are rite that word press is perfect place for blogging that’s why i start blogging again here …well i really don’t know what they done on urdu tech but i know one thing that i lost my all precious Work there

anyways thanks again …
Take care of your self …
Allah hafiz


9. Holefleesia - 03/04/2009

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10. kineeSeceland - 03/13/2009

Need more info about Multi stress syllable word? You are welcome!

11. ahmedzoha - 03/18/2009

Pretty decent blog…

12. Hamid - 08/15/2012

Very nice

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